The Jeays Christmas 2021 Online Extravaganza

Tuesday 7th December 2021

8pm GMT (UTC)

As Phil still isn’t sure about the health implications of packing too many people into a small room this year, we have decided that the Christmas Extravaganza will happen online instead. It will be broadcast live on the Philip Jeays YouTube Channel on Tuesday 7th December, starting at 8pm. It’ll be free but you will, of course, be invited to make donations via Phil’s ko-fi account ( Needless to say, this gig will be Phil sans band as they wouldn't all fit in his Pod.

The format will be similar to previous Christmas shows but instead of raffle tickets on the door, you will be invited to send in your top three song choices and then allocated a number. Phil will then pull out numbers as usual and play the song chosen. (If the first choice has already been sung then the next on the list will apply.) A detailed message will be sent out to the Jeays mailing list in the coming weeks with a dedicated email address for song choices to be sent and the YouTube link, so if you would like to join in this frivolous Festive fun, please sign up to the Jeays Newsletter.

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